Margaret Fairy (fae_stricken) wrote in pstive_recovery,
Margaret Fairy


Name: Margaret Mary
EDs (diagnosed or otherwise): Anorexia Nerviosa
Length of ED: 1 yr (3 yrs ago), 3 months (December, January, February. Relapse)
Why you want to recover: I don't like beating myself up about things. I want to live a regular life and be able to eat and work out without doing anything excessively.
5 things you love most about yourself (physically, or in terms of personality): My sarcasm, my understandingness, my willingness to learn, my eyes, my wrists, my charisma.

My goal is to be able to eat 1000 calories per day and be okay with it, and be able to take a walk everyday without doing it to hurt my muscles.
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