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Hi all, I'll be moderating this for now, unless there's someone willing to help :) and it would be great if someone could help create a nice logo and other promotional stuff. I'm still working on it, and I'm in the middle of Finals right now, so I can't spend a lot of time on it! I'll try to get it down before New Years!

So here're are my stats..

Name: Mary
ED: Ana, with Mia tendencies
Length of ED: I only consciously realized it 2 years ago, but the habits began about 6 years ago.. i just thought I was weird.
Reasons for recovery: I'm sick and tired of constantly feeling bad about myself, being scared of food that i love, having friends/family worry about me and feeling resentful towards them for their concern, and being so obsessed with it that i can't be happy and lead a 'normal' life.
5 things i love about myself: my dimples, singing voice, being a good listener, loving to help people, writing ability (it took me about half an hour to think of those 5...i'm serious)

Ok well, I hope this community is useful to those of us out there who want a fuller life w/o EDs :) please join, and help promote!
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