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Postive Recovery

::ED Healing

Positive Recovery from EDs
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This is a community for those suffering from all sorts of EDs (Ana, Mia, EDNOS) and want out. I want this to be a safe place for us to talk about how we feel, our fears and insecurities, and our hopes and dreams without being bashed.

Some Rules Before Joining

+ For your first post, please fill out the following:-
EDs (diagnosed or otherwise):
Length of ED:
Why you want to recover:
5 things you love most about yourself (physically, or in terms of personality):

+ You may post things like how many calories you had, but you are not allowed to be negative about it. (ie NO 'i had 1000 cals today, i am fat and ugly!' that is NOT allowed) Remember, this is a positive recovery community.

+ You may post negative feelings or rants, because I know this is a very hard thing to get through.

+ Members are to be encouraging at all times, no mean/hurtful remarks will be tolerated. We are help to help each other!

I myself am a recovering Ana w Mia tendencies.. I hope this community will help us all learn to love ourselves more, regardless of size, and lead healthy, happy lives!